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Ariel Finkelstein

Tech Company Builder

Expert and industry leader in the area of SaaS. Ariel has built strong digital companies, working with great founding teams to achieve fast growth with powerful products.

Continuously engaged in the shaping of the Microsoft Accelerator in Israel (non-profit), mentoring 1 to 2 companies each cycle. I've had the pleasure to work with several amazing startups so far, including Kitlocate, Back&, Kytera, Rotaryview, Telesofia, Webyclip, Conferplace, Ownbackup, and others. Helped build the Kama Tech accelerator. A (non-profit) High-Tech Accelerator aims to help ultra-Orthodox men and women build successful startups.

Ariel joins up to 3, carefully selected companies per year, which he chooses based on their founding team, and get to work turning them into robust, healthy, ROI-positive companies.

Big believer in giving back to the industry. Highly involved and active chairman or board member in every company he joins the board, with the express purpose of building strong, high-growth companies. The hands-on building of all aspects: product, sales, marketing, HR and go-to-market execution.

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